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The Biggest Comeback in Big House History

Michigan 27 #9 Wisconsin 25

Wow! In front of almost 110,000 people, the University of Michigan pulled out one of the most surprising comebacks you will ever witness. Add together these numbers.. 21 yards 5 turnovers and 110,000 people and what do you get? How about the first half of the game. Its really sad when the most excitement in the first half for the home fans was a fight in the stands. Who won you ask? Well, I’m getting ready to tell you that…

Starting out the second half down by 19 points and being dominated on the offensive side of the ball, Michigan fans had no clue what to expect coming out of the gates; what they got was the most exciting come from behind victory in Big House history. Coach Rod (Rich Rodriguez) finally listened to a one Nathan Skytta and opened up the playbook. During the first half, Wisconsin read almost every play Michigan did and for most of the half had all 11 defensive players within ten yards of the line of scrimmage.

“OPEN UP THE PLAYBOOK!!”, I kept screaming at the top of my lungs, “OPEN UP THE DAMN PLAYBOOK.”

And finally it worked.

Coach Rod opened up the book, and started going deep. From then on, the Wisconsin defense had no chance of withstanding the onslaught that was occuring. Steven Threet and Sam Mcguffie each had their share of TD’s in the half and with the clouds that had hovered over the stadium in the beginning before clearing, rolling back in, Wisconsin had to convert a 2-point conversion to tie. With 13 seconds left, (after the first attempt was called back) Wisconsin lined up on the 8 yard line…

“He steps back, he throws, ITS OVERTHROWN!!!!” screamed the announcer over the radio.

The Big House erupted, all 110,000 people (minus a few cheeseheads and the 2 guys who were escorted off in cuffs) celebrating the victory!!!

The 500th game at the Big House was definitely a wild one. If the team plays like they did the first half, Michigan is screwed. If they play like they did the second half, watch out Buckeyes, here they come!!!! Coach Rod… OPEN UP THE DAMN PLAYBOOK AND GO DEEP!!!

-A very tired and drained Nathan Skytta

Oh and who won the fight? i call it a tie! So, in that case.. we’ll say.. NATHAN SKYTTA WON CUZ NATHAN SKYTTA ALWAYS WINS! (ask ray for further details)

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USC Chokes Again! Sorry Mark May

It is always great, for me, to see USC lose.  Day in and day out, I log onto sports websites, and every single one proclaims USC the greatest team in history every single year.  One guy in particular that does it, is Mark May from ESPN.  He is obsessed with USC.  No matter what happens, he will be there to say USC could beat every NFL and All-Star team.  I cannot watch him anymore.  He has way too much bias to be on an ‘expert’ panel.  I really do not see how he is an expert.  Millions of college kids could out debate him on anything college football.  If Mark May is an expert, how come I don’t see his name in the Hall of Fame?  Oh yes, I went there folks.  Anyway, it was great to see USC go down.  They can win all the big games they want, but if they can’t beat the teams they’re supposed to, it’s all for not.

Last year it was Stanford, the year before Oregon State the first time, and this year back to Beaverville.  USC can’t even go undefeated in their own conference.  They should now be permanently locked out of the BCS National Championship game.  I know that when it gets near December, people like Mark May will say the Oregon State game was a fluke.  Well, the only flukes a good team should have are in the first half, or on the practice field, not during the whole game.

I really don’t think anyone besides experts and USC students like the Trojans.  They are the Patriots of college football.  They win too much.  I am tired of seeing them near the top of the polls and just watch, on Sunday they will probably only drop down to #6 or #7, barring anymore upsets.  Completely and utterly ridiculous.  They are not that good.  Mark Sanchez is not that good.  Over-rated *clap, clap, clap-clap-clap.*  So let’s hear a round of laughs for the USC football program. HAHAHA.


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