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Inside the Shark Cage, Vol. 66

Quite the Price-is-wrong-B—- game for the Sharks as they beat the Montreal Canadiens, 3-2. If you can tell me where that quote is from, you get 200,000 points.

Montreal goalie Carey Price made it his mission to tick off the Sharks and their fans by flaunting every single save he made. It was sickening seeing him do Statue of Liberty after Statue of Liberty. I’m guessing Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabokov took notice because he did a few himself.

Last game against New Jersey, the Sharks could only muster 20 shots, and coach Todd McLellan worked on getting more shots and second chance opportunities in practice. It worked. The Sharks attempted 85 shots on goal — 40 hit the net, 26 were blocked and 19 were missed.

Montreal would score first in the first period and would take the lead again 2-1 in the second period.

In between that, Patrick Marleau scored the Sharks’ eighth shorthanded goal of the year off a beautiful deflection. Plenty of other Sharks chances ensued only to be denied by the post. Dan Boyle found iron on a penalty shot during the second frame as well.

Persistence paid off. Dany Heatley and Manny Malhotra put the Sharks ahead for good in the third period. Heatley was in a bit of a scoring drought, and it was good to see Torrey Mitchell assist on a goal (Malhotra’s).

Hey Brad, come take a whiff of this new scent I'm wearing: "Lousy Canadien" (From SJSHARKS.com)

One thing that needs to be mentioned is the absolutely cheap cross check by Maxim Lapierre on Scott Nichol in the third (Nichol never returned). I believe it was Ray Ferraro, the analyst for the game, call it complete garbage. Well put. Nice name by the way.

Unfortunately, no Sharks noticed immediately who did it and nobody ever fully paid Lapierre back. Maybe McLellan made a point to stay disciplined, but come on now. When something like that happens, somebody needs to send a message to that clown Lapierre. Punch him in the face. Lapierre was laughing on the bench! This is where I miss Jody Shelley.

New Paint Job

This is the third different helmet Nabby has had this year. I’m not sure if it’s permanent or not. He’s worn his regular skull/fishhead helmet, a black one and now a Neptune one. Not a big fan of the Neptune one. Something about a topless old man turns me off.

Staying the Same

I should mention the Sharks made no deadline deals, and that they were content with adding Niclas Wallin and trading Shelley. Obviously, they like their talent pool from Worcester, and I can’t say I blame them. During the playoffs, there’s usually one really young guy who breaks out for successful teams. Last year, Bobby Ryan of Anaheim comes to mind. I’m looking for Logan Couture, who’s been killing it in the AHL, to come up playoff time and contribute.

I was kind of hoping the Sharks would add Ray Whitney, former Shark, for scoring depth, but then one of the current players would have had to have gone.

Other Notes

Hit-O-Meter: SJ 33  MTL 20; Nichol and Heatley led with five.

Saturday, the Sharks will battle Columbus — a team that shut them out right before the Olympic break.


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The Biggest Comeback in Big House History

Michigan 27 #9 Wisconsin 25

Wow! In front of almost 110,000 people, the University of Michigan pulled out one of the most surprising comebacks you will ever witness. Add together these numbers.. 21 yards 5 turnovers and 110,000 people and what do you get? How about the first half of the game. Its really sad when the most excitement in the first half for the home fans was a fight in the stands. Who won you ask? Well, I’m getting ready to tell you that…

Starting out the second half down by 19 points and being dominated on the offensive side of the ball, Michigan fans had no clue what to expect coming out of the gates; what they got was the most exciting come from behind victory in Big House history. Coach Rod (Rich Rodriguez) finally listened to a one Nathan Skytta and opened up the playbook. During the first half, Wisconsin read almost every play Michigan did and for most of the half had all 11 defensive players within ten yards of the line of scrimmage.

“OPEN UP THE PLAYBOOK!!”, I kept screaming at the top of my lungs, “OPEN UP THE DAMN PLAYBOOK.”

And finally it worked.

Coach Rod opened up the book, and started going deep. From then on, the Wisconsin defense had no chance of withstanding the onslaught that was occuring. Steven Threet and Sam Mcguffie each had their share of TD’s in the half and with the clouds that had hovered over the stadium in the beginning before clearing, rolling back in, Wisconsin had to convert a 2-point conversion to tie. With 13 seconds left, (after the first attempt was called back) Wisconsin lined up on the 8 yard line…

“He steps back, he throws, ITS OVERTHROWN!!!!” screamed the announcer over the radio.

The Big House erupted, all 110,000 people (minus a few cheeseheads and the 2 guys who were escorted off in cuffs) celebrating the victory!!!

The 500th game at the Big House was definitely a wild one. If the team plays like they did the first half, Michigan is screwed. If they play like they did the second half, watch out Buckeyes, here they come!!!! Coach Rod… OPEN UP THE DAMN PLAYBOOK AND GO DEEP!!!

-A very tired and drained Nathan Skytta

Oh and who won the fight? i call it a tie! So, in that case.. we’ll say.. NATHAN SKYTTA WON CUZ NATHAN SKYTTA ALWAYS WINS! (ask ray for further details)

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