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When is it going to be the Sharks’ year?

Why do all the big cities get all the love with championships?

Enough with Boston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.

I just want to win it all. Why is that so hard to receive after all this time?

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USC and Serena

What is ESPN’s fetish with USC about?

“You’re seeing a freshman QB grow up in front of our eyes.”

OMGZ LOLZZ!!!111 I 3 USC so much!!

OMGZ LOLZZ!!!111 I ❤ USC so much!!

Umm, how? He was 15/31 for 195 yards and an INT. He just handed off the ball to McKnight and threw it to the flats and let the receivers do everything. He did squat. Seriously, this is one of the biggest problems with ESPN. They are obsessed with USC, ESPECIALLY Mark May. I can’t imagine how Mark May kept his head from exploding when USC was losing. He regularly sends Pete Carroll flowers. It’s ridiculous. He’s as bad as Lou Holtz is for Notre Dame.

Get some people who will actually tell things straight!

Serena Williams was disqualified for taunting. Probably the second best news of the day (besides Virginia Tech destroying Marshall). She is beyond arrogant and such a poor sport, it’s good to see she got hers. Serena is another one of ESPN’s darlings. Rick Reilly wrote an article on ESPN saying the Williams’ sisters are the most underreported story in sports. GIVE ME A BREAK! That is all I hear about when tennis highlights come on, or the only reason tennis shows up on SportsCenter. Please. Again, get people working for the best sports network who are actually honest and tell it like it is. It’s become a circus.

How could anybody DQ.... ME?!

How could anybody DQ.... ME?!

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Been a LONG time

Ray here–

I put the blog on the backburner after last football season and posted some Collegiate Times articles I wrote. A few things I do want to talk about lately, though.  Shawne Merriman, volleyball, Kenny Chesney and the inept Virginia Tech offense.

Merriman– Bill Cosby once talked about brain damage in his performance “Himself,” in 1983. The brain damage he spoke of was when children need to hear things three times or more to understand. Even then, they will disobey and when you ask why, they reply, “I don’t know!” Here’s a link to a youtube video with the excerpt.

Shawne must not understand what it means to be a good citizen or even a competent one. Stay out of trouble, even if the person accusing you of battery is a whacko named Tila Tequila.

Volleyball– What a pleasant surprise this has been! I got the women’s volleyball beat for the Collegiate Times this semester. I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical of what to expect, but it’s been awesome. The night I found out, I spent three hours researching the rules and watching youtube videos on how to play.

I’m still getting a grip on the abstract rules and how to calculate all the statstics, but watching the games is very exciting. The players can be a bit nervous when I interview them, but I think they will break out of their shell.

One player on the team doesn’t like interviews, and she is deemed off-limits to me. I wonder if she had a bad experience with any previous writers of any kind. She’s a good player too, so it sucks I can’t talk to her.

The team is 6-0 right now, and they are in Washington, D.C. for a tournament this weekend. I think they can win all three games handily if they do well. It is their first road test, so who knows what might happen.

Kenny Chesney– Please. For the life of me I don’t understand why ESPN chooses such crappy theme songs for college football. Chesney and Dave Matthews?! I didn’t know ESPN is a proponent of homoeroticism.

Watching the Georgia Tech-Clemson game tonight, they had another country singer, and I believe he is the “ACC singer.” God help us. How is some dude in a cowboy hat and tank top supposed to get us pumped for a violent, head-smashing sport? I’ve googled the topic and found about a 99% disapproval rate. The other 1% are girls who just say “I love Kenny!” or guys who pop their collars that love Dave Matthews. Disgusting.

The inept VT offense– Oh. My. God. How retarded is our offense? Oh wait, it’s not the offense who is retarded. It’s offensive coordinator Bryan Stinespring. There are “Fire Bryan Stinespring” websites and blogs everywhere, and it’s hilarious. (http://firebryanstinespring.blogspot.com/)

The consensus says he still has a job because he and Frank Beamer are close friends. Well, good gracious, wake up Frank! You have had talented NFL receivers on the team in the past (Josh Morgan, David Clowney, Eddie Royal), and now you have Ryan Williams and Tyrod Taylor. You still can’t muster 100 yards in a ferrari. You would probably sabotage the engine. Fire this quack and get him out of the program.

Fire Bryan Stinespring shirt

Fire Bryan Stinespring shirt

I’d really like to get the chance to ask Frank straight up, “Are you satisfied with ACC Championships or do you want more?” We barely win the ACC as it is with Bryan’s pathetic offense, anyway. This is why you don’t hire your friends as coworkers. We might have to get shutout the rest of the season in order for Frank to notice something’s wrong.

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Articles in Progress

Hello all.

Ray here telling you what I am working on for the CT (Collegiate Times):

For the last week I have been trying to get new Cornerback recruit Jayron Hosley on the phone for an interview. Good news is I was able to talk to him and defensive backs coach Torrian Gray here at Tech. Waiting on a third source before I can write it up.

CT sports editor, me, and another writer are working on a VT baseball preview. Brian (our sports editor) wanted to have just one article on it but I insisted we expand on it a little bit. What we are going to do is have 4 sections, I will have two. Outfield, Pitching, Infield, Coach Pete Hughes. I was able to talk to Coach this morning about the outfield. I plan on having an extensive sit down interview with him soon for a coach’s profile spot that will run next Friday.

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Update #2

Since I haven’t had much time to write any new blogs, I will post up whatever articles for The Collegiate Times I finish. I don’t know what Nathan is up to.

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What the BCS Bowl Games Should Be

It was fairly easy, this year, for the BCS people to get this right, compared to last year’s crazy fiasco.  But no, they royally screwed up the BCS this year.  Here is what they should have been:

BCS National Championship: Florida vs. Texas

This should have been Texas.  They beat Oklahoma head-to-head and their only loss was in the last second.  To have Oklahoma leap frog them is unfair and stupid.  Florida is going to blowout Oklahoma.  Texas would have put up a better fight.

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC.

They actually got this one right.  They should have considered Oregon State a bit more, but this was the right decision.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma

Defense vs. Offense.  This had the potential to be a great game.  It could easily be an Oklahoma blowout, but it also could have turned into an instant classic.  Having the Hokies face Cincinatti is a disgrace to the fans in Blacksburg and college football fans everywhere.

Fiesta Bowl: Utah vs. Boise State

Rather than having both teams whine about if they should have gotten into the BCS, have both undefeateds face off. Simple as that.  This would be a fun game to watch.  Why the BCS gave Ohio State a BCS bid is beyond me.  They don’t deserve it at all, and to overlook another undefeated in Boise State is terrible.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Texas Tech

This would have been a spectacular game.  Graham Harrell throwing on Nick Saban’s defense.  Instead, the BCS decides to put Alabama against Utah?! Come on, get real.  Utah has no chance at all.  What a dud of a game that will be.

– Ray

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Hey folks,

Nathan and I have been on a bit of break as I am sure you can tell.  I have another Sharks report brewing in the noggin so be on the lookout for that.

When Nathan decides to apply himself, he will have a Red Wings report and a story on goons in hockey.  Should be interesting in light of the ‘sloppy seconds’ comment Sean Avery had (google it).

As for picks, it figures the first week we didn’t do it, there was a tie. Go figure.  Either way, that would have been our Get-out-of-jail-free card, and we wouldn’t have had to write any responses. So ha!

But if you are craving some of our writing, I’ll post some stories I wrote for Virginia Tech’s newspaper, The Collegiate Times.

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