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What the BCS Bowl Games Should Be

It was fairly easy, this year, for the BCS people to get this right, compared to last year’s crazy fiasco.  But no, they royally screwed up the BCS this year.  Here is what they should have been:

BCS National Championship: Florida vs. Texas

This should have been Texas.  They beat Oklahoma head-to-head and their only loss was in the last second.  To have Oklahoma leap frog them is unfair and stupid.  Florida is going to blowout Oklahoma.  Texas would have put up a better fight.

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC.

They actually got this one right.  They should have considered Oregon State a bit more, but this was the right decision.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma

Defense vs. Offense.  This had the potential to be a great game.  It could easily be an Oklahoma blowout, but it also could have turned into an instant classic.  Having the Hokies face Cincinatti is a disgrace to the fans in Blacksburg and college football fans everywhere.

Fiesta Bowl: Utah vs. Boise State

Rather than having both teams whine about if they should have gotten into the BCS, have both undefeateds face off. Simple as that.  This would be a fun game to watch.  Why the BCS gave Ohio State a BCS bid is beyond me.  They don’t deserve it at all, and to overlook another undefeated in Boise State is terrible.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Texas Tech

This would have been a spectacular game.  Graham Harrell throwing on Nick Saban’s defense.  Instead, the BCS decides to put Alabama against Utah?! Come on, get real.  Utah has no chance at all.  What a dud of a game that will be.

– Ray

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