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WTHWWT – Week 10 (Nathan)

Wow. Its November and before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas then 2009.. Wow. Where is time going!?!?

Cleveland Browns 30 vs. Denver Broncos 34- Good job Brady Quinn, too bad your defense blows. I gave the Browns the advantage being at home, but once again Epic Fail.

Detroit Lions 14 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 38- I gave the Lions a chance… mistake made! I can sum up the Lions in one word… SCREWED!

New Orleans Saints 20 vs. Atlanta Falcons 34- This game could have gone either way. I was hoping Drew Brees would out play Matt Ryan, but once again Epic Fail!

Indianapolis Colts 24 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 20- Another game could have gone either way. I knew if I picked the Steelers they would lose and I figured that would be the best option. I’d rather write about them losing then see them win!

Time to go get that teaching degree.

Go Pack Go

Dr. Whadupcuh!

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