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WTHWWT – Week 8 (Ray)

Nathan was so kind as to actually write one of these first, therefore I only have to write one reaction — pending Monday Night’s game of course.  So many teams this year flip flop every week.  The game I got wrong was between two of these teams.

Tennessee 34 Indianapolis 21

Im going down with the Titans suck ship.

I'm going down with the "Titans suck" ship.

No! No! No! The Titans are not an 8-0 team! I will not give up that idea. I don’t care if they beat the Colts. They are not that good. Kerry Collins is the starter for pete’s sake. He can’t even get over 200 yards passing. The Colts had more passing and rushing yards. Just wait until Sunday when the Pack bring this way overachieving team back to earth. I will never jump on their bandwagon at any point in this season. They are definitely not winning the Super Bowl nor are they going to even get to it. They are paper champs right now. Don’t try telling me any different. I am going to keep picking against them until they lose — which is this Sunday. Thank you, goodnight.

New Orleans 37 San Diego 32

Cheerio, chap.  Care for a spot of tea?  At least the good people in England got to watch a good game between the Saints and Chargers.  Last year, they were subject to a Miami/New York Giants game that was played in a giant pool somewhat covered with grass.  I really wished there would be no more games over there.  What is with all of our leagues trying to go global?  Keep the games in the states.  Let the Kazakhstans of the world worry about their own problems, not buying your latest Kobe Bryant jersey in the desert marketplace.  How exactly does Roger Goodell tell Saints fans, “You fans are so loyal to your team but I am going to let your team have some fish ‘n’ chips in jolly ol England!”  It must be like getting the “Honey, I think I’m late text,” after a night of romance; angry, sad, and confused as to why what what you were doing (to prevent anything) failed.  But hey, maybe Deuce lost some weight from the jet lag.  Was that out of line?  I hope so.

Sir, your thoughts on the game being in England?

Sir, your thoughts on the game being in England?


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