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WTHWWT – Week 8 (Ray)

Nathan was so kind as to actually write one of these first, therefore I only have to write one reaction — pending Monday Night’s game of course.  So many teams this year flip flop every week.  The game I got wrong was between two of these teams.

Tennessee 34 Indianapolis 21

Im going down with the Titans suck ship.

I'm going down with the "Titans suck" ship.

No! No! No! The Titans are not an 8-0 team! I will not give up that idea. I don’t care if they beat the Colts. They are not that good. Kerry Collins is the starter for pete’s sake. He can’t even get over 200 yards passing. The Colts had more passing and rushing yards. Just wait until Sunday when the Pack bring this way overachieving team back to earth. I will never jump on their bandwagon at any point in this season. They are definitely not winning the Super Bowl nor are they going to even get to it. They are paper champs right now. Don’t try telling me any different. I am going to keep picking against them until they lose — which is this Sunday. Thank you, goodnight.

New Orleans 37 San Diego 32

Cheerio, chap.  Care for a spot of tea?  At least the good people in England got to watch a good game between the Saints and Chargers.  Last year, they were subject to a Miami/New York Giants game that was played in a giant pool somewhat covered with grass.  I really wished there would be no more games over there.  What is with all of our leagues trying to go global?  Keep the games in the states.  Let the Kazakhstans of the world worry about their own problems, not buying your latest Kobe Bryant jersey in the desert marketplace.  How exactly does Roger Goodell tell Saints fans, “You fans are so loyal to your team but I am going to let your team have some fish ‘n’ chips in jolly ol England!”  It must be like getting the “Honey, I think I’m late text,” after a night of romance; angry, sad, and confused as to why what what you were doing (to prevent anything) failed.  But hey, maybe Deuce lost some weight from the jet lag.  Was that out of line?  I hope so.

Sir, your thoughts on the game being in England?

Sir, your thoughts on the game being in England?


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WTHWWT- Week 8 (Nathan)

Me thinking the Cowgirls would lose.

Me thinking the Cowgirls would lose.

So, I’m seriously questioning what the hell I was thinking.

1. Picking and starting the 49ers’ players for my fantasy team? Fail

2. Thinking a team from Pennsylvania would actually do something to make me happy? Epic Fail

3. Thinking Dallas would lose again? Failtacular

New England Patriots 23 vs. St. Louis Rams 16
– Just when times were getting good for the Rams, the NFL declined the contract of Jim Haslett, stating that it was an illegal contract due to the agreement on Haslett winning 6 games, and then the Rams had to travel to New England, which is never a good thing (just ask Peyton Manning).  The Patriots won another game without Tom Brady and without a dominant rushing performance by anyone. Matt Cassel had two interceptions, and yet still led his team to a victory. Maybe he is that good… Maybe!

Dallas Cowgirls 13 vs. Tampa Bay Bucs 9 – So I pick Dallas and they lose. I pick against them and I lose. Brad Johnson led his team to victory and the Buccaneers just couldn’t get anything going. Maybe next week I won’t pick the Cowgirl game.

Reactions from Cowgirls players were positive after the W

Reactions from Cowgirls players were positive after the W

Miami Dolphins 25 vs. Buffalo Bills 16 – Chad Pennington threw for over 300 yards and the Dolphins withstood the offense of the Buffalo Bills, and survived to win. The Bills, maybe looking overlooking these next few games due to the easy schedule, just could not get any rushing going, and Trent Edwards is not proven enough yet to lead his team by just throwing the ball. Congrats Dick Jauron getting a contract extension. Well Deserved!

Cleveland Browns 23 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars 17 – HEY LOOK THE BROWNS WON A GAME!!! I guess the state of Ohio has something to cheer about after The Ohio State Buckeyes lost and watched their National Championship chances implode right in front of their eyes! Congrats Joe Pa and Romeo Crennel.

Houston Texans 35 vs Cincinnati Bungals 6 – HELLO BENGALS… ARE YOU THERE? Its time you show up to give your opponents a game. You just let the Houston Texans walk all over you. I think its time for a change somewhere on the sidelines. When will y’all get sick of losing? Hopefully, its soon.

She isnt very happy with losing to Houston.

She isn't very happy with losing to Houston.

New York Giants 21 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers 14 – Who thought a long snapper would decide the game? Well, the Steelers lost their long snapper due to injury, and his replacement took the word “long” literally and hiked the ball over the punters head and that led to a safety which tied the game. Then Eli Manning led his team to their first and only TD of the game and the Giants D stopped Big Ben and the Steelers offense to clinch the game. This is the beginning of a very tough road for the Giants.. Thanks, Steelers. You let me down again!

Seattle Seahawks 34 vs. San Francisco 49ers 13 – A new coach, a new attitude, the same result. Another L in the loss column for the 49ers. Seattle, depleted by injuries, dominated from the beginning and never looked back. Hopefully Mike Holmgren goes out strong in his final games as head coach for the ‘Hawks.

P.S.: This was written before Ray!!! Nathan Wins!!!


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