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Ray’s take on Instant Replay in sports:

With the brand new addition of instant replay to baseball drags up what seems the neverending debate of instant replay in sports. First of all, we all have been in that situation, as fans, while watching a game saying something like “There is no way he caught that! I want to see a replay!” Upon seeing the replay, it confirms your thoughts and you want the call changed on the field. Up until baseball now, it was soley up to the umpires and if you have been paying attention this year, it seems like they keep saying the opposite of what really happened, (they call a foul ball a home run, call a home run a foul ball). I cannot recall seeing a highlight o sportcenter where a controversial call ended up being called right. Of course, that my be their way of trying to get to commissioner Bud Selig. That is our job as the media, but I digress.

I believe instant replay should be implemented in some way in every sport because it can and most likely will be utilized. There is no sport where there a 0 controversial calls, so long as there is a referee. Now, with that said, I do not believe in instant replay for every single play. I completely understand the MLB umpires only implementing replay for home run calls. Having it for balls and strikes would just draw out the usual 3 hour TV time game.

The NFL has its replay system as close to perfect as you can get. There will be missed calls but that is to be expected with human error and sometimes limited camera angles. I think they replay the right things and to add anymore would enlongate the game. Sure, there are times when commentators say “this play is unreviewable,” (i.e. down by contact) but that only comes up once every few games; not enough for replay to be implemented.

The NHL has a replay system which is mainly used for goals and for pucks being played with high sticks (mostly coming in scoring situations). The difference between the NHL replay and NFL replay is that there is a ‘war room’ in the NHL where all the replay calls come from. The NFL has the head referee of the game go look at the play and he makes his own judgment call. I would say the advantage goes to the NHL there, that way if they miss a call you can blame the head referees of the league. Just leave the refs on the field to give out penalties and their regular jobs, but NOT deciding the game.

To the people that are completely against instant replay, I can’t understand why you would want it that way. Replay only helps the game, not hampers it (if used correctly of course). But the inevitability says there will be opposition to everything but in order for advancement, you have to drudge through it. It is good to see that Major League Baseball is willing to change and make the right calls for the betterment of the game.


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